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Super Sherpa Bahia Concepcion Sunrise Timelapse

I woke up early this morning, early enough to have set up my Yi Lite Action Camera to time-lapse and set up for this shot. It was so quiet, so calm and so beautiful. I’m glad I was able to capture this special morning.

Valle de los Cirrios – Candlestick Valley

Another day in Baja California on my Sherpa. A beautiful and remote part of Baja California, the area is known for the Boojum Tree, or Cirrio (Candlestick), a member of the ocotillo family, Fouquieria columnaris. The boulder fields are beautiful, with many boulders being the size of semi trucks.

One day at Bahia Concepcion, Baja California

A beautiful and relatively secluded beach on the Sea of Cortez, Conception Bay. This was my best day (and night) in Baja. Another slice of heaven on earth. I could have stayed for weeks!